Weava for Non-Profits

If you are working to impact the world for the better, we are here to help you accelerate that.

We really want to help hard-working charities all over the world. So, we are offering Weava Premium for free to all qualifying organizations.

What can Weava help you with?

Weava can help you highlight, organize and make sense of the information that is available online. On average, our users report that Weava saves them 3.8+ hours per week.

Application Process

  • Check if your organization is eligible.
  • Submit the application form. Below, you can complete and submit the application form. This will allow us to verify that your organization is eligible for the offer.
  • Wait to hear back from us. The Weava team will review the application as soon as possible and let you know via the email you provided in the application form.
  • Start enjoying Weava Premium!

FAQs for Non-profits and NGOs

You can enjoy free premium Weava if you are a non-profit or an NGO. This offering is available for teams of maximum of 5 people, and is for registered non-profits and NGOs all around the world with a mission to do social good. If you are eligible, you will have to give us some information about your organization and documentation so that we can verify your non-profit status.

Small businesses, educational institutions, governmental firms, or private foundations are not eligible for this offer.

You can get free access to all the Weava Premium features, including unlimited sub-folders, unlimited storage, ability to save images, personalized colors, and more. You can read more about premium features here.

You can trust Weava to keep all your information safe. We know how important privacy is to you, so we will make sure that it is safe and secure.

Additionally, we do not sell our users data to any third parties. You can read our Terms and Privacy policies to learn more.

For more information, see our Pricing FAQ and our customer support help articles.

Application Form

Submit your application here.

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