How to use Weava with Microsoft Edge

With the latest Microsoft Edge browser versions, you can now use Google Chrome extensions, which means that you can now use Weava with Microsoft Edge!


This is how you use Weava with Microsoft Edge:

1. Navigate to edge://extensions

Weava with Microsoft Edge

2. Click the link on “You can also get extensions from the Chrome Web Store”.

Weava with Microsoft Edge

3a. Make sure that you “allow” extensions from other stores.

Enable Weava with Microsoft Edge

3 b. Note that you can also allow extension directly from the edge://extensions page

Enable Permissions - Weava with Microsoft Edge

4. Download Weava by clicking download and then “Add extension”.

PS! Did you know that Weava also works on the browser Brave and similar Chromium-based browsers? In the future, we hope to become compatible with Safari and other additional browsers. If you are eager to see us prioritize this, be sure to vote for these feature requests on our feature request portal: https://weava.upvoty.com.

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